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"I have had such amazing experiences with Jane and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase essential oils. Jane went above and beyond to help me, and I was touched by her kindness. Her knowledge of oils is endless, so anyone that needs help in this field should speak to Jane. She knows all you need to know about essential oils! She is a truly special lady!"
-- Julieann Melnick, New Jersey
"Young Living has changed the way I think about health issues, I have chronic sinusitis, and had to take a Claritin D everyday, which I hate, but since I have discovered YL Essential Oils, things have certainly changed for me,
Now I use my diffuser every night with the following recipe: Peppermint, Ravinsara, Rosemary and Thieves.
I place it on my bedside table and turn it on when I go to bed, when I wake in the morning, I can breathe and my room smells great!

My dog, Mia has had ear issues, I have had 5 Cocker Spaniels in my life, and only one of them has had chronic infections, as a matter a fact my veterinarian told me that a cocker spaniel is the vets “yacht” or “annual cruse”. Anyway she scratches constantly, I look in her ear and there is nothing in there, no yeast or infections, just a itchy ear, so I mixed up a combination of: Lavender, peppermint, purification, and thieves, I dip a q-tip in the mixture and just rub a tiny bit on the inside flap of her ear, and now she does not keep me up all night scratching, because when my puppies cant sleep, neither can I.

I have the Essential Oils, “pocket reference” book and it is amazing, you can look up symptoms, or health topics, and find what oils to use. At first I was skeptical, but I have been pleasantly surprised with my results, and Mia’s, I just wish I had learned about it sooner in my life, I have Jane to thank, she and I met on our epilepsy forum, (canine) both of our dogs had epilepsy, She is a American Soldier, and has led me thru this process of learning about Young Living, Thank You!!"
-- Lorri Belan, Apache Junction Arizona

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