My Story

Hi and thanks for visiting my web page. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you something about myself and my mission.2 forces

It is my passion in life to be of service to all life in whatever way I can and joining the United States Air Force was a great fit. But as I no longer can wear the uniform I want to continue to serve people.

The first thing I want to say is Thank You to all those who have served, are currently serving, and future generations that will service what I consider to be the Greatest Nation in the World. The sacrifices you and your family and loved ones make is extraordinary. I am proud to stand next to you and call you my brothers, sisters, family, and friends.

I am sadden by how we have been treated and it is my pledge to you to do all I can to help every veteran that I can. I also believe that the sacrifices our families make are also forgotten; while we are serving and when we return to civilian life. I too wish to help them in any way I can.

Finally, I don't think the military is for everyone but service to our great country can come in many other forms. If you have a good heart and wish to help others and yourself I am willing to help you with your journey. Life is hard and excuse my language but life sucks sometimes.

If everyone would take 5 seconds to say a kind word, open the door for someone, visit the sick, send a troop a letter, stand up for someone you don't know when you see them being treated unfairly, imagine how truly amazing this world could be today.

I wish you all the best in your journey and I know sometimes the struggles seem like you will never survive but look you have and you can continue. Don't be too hard on yourself, yes something I still struggle with, take one day at a time, and reach out to others. It is scary to trust and yes you may be hurt but you may find an amazing friend. Life is amazing and God or whatever Higher Power or entity you may believe in wants you to be happy. My wish for you is to find that happiness, that love, and to share it with those you love and even with a complete stranger.

My name is Jane and I am a 100% service connected disabled Veteran. I have had over many surgeries in the past 10-years. I have been on every pain medication made and now my body has built a tolerance and they are basically non-effective. I became depressed and cut myself off from the world.

My whole reason for starting this is to help my fellow veterans and military members.  The use of essential oils, chiropractic care, change in eating habits, exercise, and finding meaning for my life. Also, my life has more meaning because of my pets and especially my service dog. I don't know if you use essential oils or you have much experience with them. But I have found great benefits for myself and my boy, Rudy (dog) who has epilepsy, to be of great benefit.  I just wish to share where my life was and where my life is now and if I can serve in any way than that is the meaning for my life.

It is my belief that we each possess all the infinite wisdom and grace there is but we've become separated in varying degrees from that wisdom through the process of life. This occurs partially from our cultural training to give our power to others, i.e. parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, police, bosses etc. but without first knowing and trusting our own innate wisdom. Over time, the wounds of our lives also become our stories from which we create our identity, separating even further from our essence.

This has just been an over view of some of my background but if you would like more information, I would be happy to talk with you by phone or email. My religious background is Catholic but I try to live by four core values (some of you many recognize them):

1.) Service before self

2.) Integrity

3.) Excellence in all I do

4.) Treat others as I want to be treated

I respect and honor all religions and all personal belief systems and my work is not dependent upon any particular religious beliefs. As a matter of fact I don't go to church. I try and live the best life I can and am open minded about any spiritual belief.

Thank you for visiting and if I can help you in your journey feel free to contact me!