What is Autoship?

What is Autoship?

Autoship: This service is the key to extra savings and earning reward points. Autoship is a monthly order for which you can change the date and content of the order whenever you want.
Orders must be a minimum of 50PV (point value usually 50PV = $50, but not ALL items).
The benefits of Autoship are :
1. Essential Rewards credits are redeemable for FREE products. Earn product credits of 10-20% on each Essential Rewards order!
2. Essential Rewards members pay a flat fee for shipping charges on their monthly order
3. You also get additional Young Living educational material and bonus offers with your orders
4. You also get 5% cash back on orders placed by the members you sponsored up to 2 levels

You can cancel your Autoship at any time. To earn your rewards when signing up other members you need to place a 50PV order within the same month, Autoship is great way to guarantee that you always get rewards for your orders and for anyone that you sponsor!